What We Offer

APEGA Defined Scope of Practice

Within the discipline of Petroleum Engineering, we provide welltest analysis, modeling, and interpretation services. Analyses include: pressure transient, deliverability, productivity, rate transient, production decline, tubing performance, and bottom hole pressures. We also provide advice on welltesting, and recommendations based on analytical results.

Sensible knowledge and advice

With more than 37 years practical experience we know conventional testing is critical for completion and reservoir engineering. But we can also confidently recommend test type alternatives for exploitation engineering to ensure AER compliance while expediting completion operations.

Why test more than you really need?

Reasonable, feasible results   and suggestions

We’re realistic and clearly focused on operational realities: tie-in economics, reservoir exploitation, evaluating liquid lift problems, forecasting at line pressure or improved skin, quantifying potential for improvement, or qualifying clean-up effects.

We’ll also tell you what we can’t do!

Intelligible, individual, write-ups and summaries

No cookie cutter reports, no scientific mumbo-jumbo… just useful, helpful information. We tell it like it is in practical, easy to understand, concise English. We also use visual literacy concepts so our eReports and plots are easy to comprehend.

Trademark eReports in pdf format

We pioneered engineering and technical reports in Adobe.pdf format to reduce waste and lighten up your well files. Our eReport allows you to reduce, or even eliminate, paper copies. It’s your choice..

Peace-of mind reliability

We have trustworthy, dependable, peace-of-mind systems and standards in place. We…

  • Maintain strict confidentiality and due diligence in everything we do
  • SpiderOak zero knowledge encrypted back-up (SaaS)
  • Back-up everything to multiple cd archives
  • Lock our vault on-site and have off-site storage locker for back-up redundancy
  • Watch the AER Initial Outstanding list to ensure all your requirements are met