Welltest iReports bridge technical workspace gaps with information on test operations, quality control, data collection, accurate validation, data processing, and regulatory compliance.

Welltest 101: Wireline

Wireline services run pressure instruments.

Slickline operators, equipment, tools, and instruments are intrinsic to petroleum welltesting.

This iReport will focus on topics related to wireline (slickline) deployment of subsurface pressure recorders (gauges or bombs) for welltesting purposes.

Welltest 102: Production

Production Testing services clean up and flow test the well.

Production testing teams operate a range of equipment from simple one-man flow provers to complicated four-stage separation and multi-phase metering manned 24/7 by tandem crews.

This iReport will focus on operations, quality control, data reporting, and data validation topics related specifically to production evaluation and welltesting.

Welltest 103: Acoustic

Acoustic Well Sounders (aws) help estimate bottomhole pressures.

Acoustic well sounders and surface pressure recorders are installed, operated, and maintained by surface data crews, often in conjunction.

This iReport will focus on topics related to deployment of acoustic well sounder technology for welltesting purposes.

Welltest 104: Surface

Surface pressure data are also a valuable resource.

Surface pressure recorders are deployed by the same team that runs Acoustic Well Sounders, often in conjunction. Surface data recorders can also have channels for Production Testing and  stream live from remote locations.

This iReport will focus on topics related to deployment of surface pressure recorders (gauges) for welltesting purposes.

Welltest 105: Thermal

Thermal data provide vital diagnostics.

Subsurface pressure recorder data includes corresponding sensor temperature data, a vital but underused resource for welltest diagnostics.

This iReport will focus on observations and diagnostics related to temperature data included with recorded subsurface pressure data.

Welltest 106: Impulse

Impulse testing is done without flowing.

Impulse tests are used very early in the life of a well, before any flow. Pressure recorders can be run at surface or downhole to the sandface.

This iReport will focus on topics related to Impulse welltesting, exclusive of Drill Stem Testing.