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Welltest Engineering

Practical, Realistic, Reliable Advice
Trustworthy, Sensible Team Asset
Traceable, Ethical Due Diligence

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Technical Reporting

Professional Trade Representation
Reliable Quality Control and Integration
Regulatory Compliant Data Validation

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Technical Coaching

Bridging Technical Workspace Gaps
Practical Diagnostics and Applied Theory
Coaching Responsible Workflow Ethics

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What We Do

Welltest Engineering

Provide corporate directors, managers, and stakeholders with dependable, practical, realistic, traceable, advice from testing wells.

Technical Reporting

Remove representation pressure from field services with quality control, data validation, and professional technical reporting to engineering and regulatory standards.

Technical Coaching

Bridge technical workspace gaps and help new staff get up to speed with welltest quality control, data diagnostics, and engineering workflows.

David Leech


BTech, PL(Eng), International Consultant

Welltesting and Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) are Vital Tools for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Strategy.

Competent, professional, and reliable with an excellent reputation. 42 years experience in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin petroleum reservoir and production engineering, specializing in welltesting and pressure transient analysis (PTA). Bachelor of applied petroleum engineering (BTech). Licensed to practice (PL Eng) by APEGA. Member of SPE.

APEGA Defined Scope of Practice: Within the discipline of Petroleum Engineering: Provide welltest analysis, modeling, and interpretation services. Analyses include: pressure transient, deliverability, productivity, rate ransient, production decline, tubing performance, and bottom hole pressures. Also provide advice on welltesting, and recommendations based on analytical results.

Email: david@welltestspecialists.com, me@davidleech.ca
VoIP: (403) 256–5767
Cell: (403) 561–0409

Lizzy Davies



Technical Reporting, Data Processing, and Quality Control are Critical to Engineering Confidence.

Responsive, helpful, organized, and accountable. 40 years in business administration and accounting, management and finance. 20 years experience in O+G Technical Reporting (data processing, validation, and compliance).

Email: lizzy@welltestspecialists.com, me@lizzydavies.ca
VoIP: (403) 256–5767
Cell: (403) 561–0413

Technical Coaching

Technical Coaching is for anybody new to a welltest workspace: wellsite data acquisition, field-office data processing, or engineering data analysis.

Conventional training leaves responsibility chain management gaps. For example: reasons why we test, what happened before, what happens next, consequences and expectations.

Welltest iReports bridge those gaps with information on test operations, quality control, data collection, accurate validation, data processing, and regulatory compliance.

Technical Coaching bridges gaps between algorithms and reality, theoretical and practical. Data diagnostics start with raw wireline and production quality control and data validation, before moving on to PTA derivative tools. Finally, we have an exclusive module on careers in general.


24 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Marketing tool when we generate theoretical test designs for financial sales presentations
23 Sep


New to the term Wireline? Wireline services run welltest pressure instruments. Slickline operators,
22 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Geological tool when we test CBM desorption properties. Coalbed Methane (CBM) is a Biogeni
17 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Reserves tool when we analyze gas material balance. Of course, MBA requires at least two s
16 Sep


Did you know that Mini-Frac’ or Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT) can “Double For Init
15 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Reserves tool when we model reservoir boundaries. Analysts often assume a single drilling
10 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Geological tool when we ascertain rock mechanics. Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFI
09 Sep


Did you know that Alberta gas wells with deliverability over 300 e3m3/d require multi-rate or isoch
08 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is a Geological tool when we infer hydrocarbon limits. Pressure derivative pattern or trend cha
03 Sep

Welltest 200: PTA Tool Kit

PTA is an Economics tool when we produce deliverability forecasts. Well test rates (initial) are no