One-page notes, tips, and hints to provide subject clarity.

AER 2 kPa Rule

Alberta’s 2 kPa Rule for shut-in durations <14 days allows for initial and annual tests to be submitted without analysis.

Annual Testing

Popular Annual Testing methods include acoustic well sounder (AWS) for pumping oil wells and surface pressure build-up tests…

Initial Testing

Popular Initial Testing alternatives include Perforation, Fracture Fall-off, and Formation Leak-off technologies.

G40 Misconceptions

What’s not specifically clear in Directive 40 is that Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA) is acceptable for estimating a p* for Initial Pressure Oil and Initial Pressure Gas conditions.

Isochronal Testing

Multi-point Isochronal Tests in high deliverability gas wells help quantify turbulence factors for rate-dependent skin and tubing performance evaluations.

Mini-Frac DFIT

Mini-Frac’ DFIT Doubles for Initial Test… Mini-frac’ or Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT) help double your testing efficiency if pressure recorders are installed on bottom.